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Department of BA Economics, Accounting & Finance

The primary aim of the Department is to promote science in the fields of Economics, Accounting and Finance through lectures, research, seminars and conferences.

The students are encouraged, as early as possible in their studies, to cooperate with the department's staff in research projects, a process that trains them in applying theory into practical projects.

The department is also organizing educational trips in Cyprus and abroad through which students become acquainted with the industry, as well as major decision-making' institutions, such as those of the E.U.

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AFOT 101 - Introduction to Organizational Theory I (Georgiades Stavros)This course requires an enrolment keyInformation
DIS301_fall2014 (Rita Panaoura)This course requires an enrolment key
ABSE101 INTRODUCTION TO MICROECONOMICS AF&BAFALL 2016(P. Tanova)This course requires an enrolment keyInformation